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HVAC Services in North Vancouver

Machines run our lives. Heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, heaters refrigerators and more are part of our daily lives and though we could live without them, life is hard enough as it is.

Air Conditioning

At Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc., we offer many different types of air cooling systems to choose from. These air conditioners often range from style, to size, to type. At Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc., we can most certainly find the right air conditioning make and model to suit your particular needs and budget.

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Air Duct Services

Air ducts are the pathways the heating and cooling systems of your residence or establishment follow to evenly distribute air throughout the premises.

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Heat Pump And Furnace Service

As a licensed mechanical contractor, Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc. offers top quality heat pump installations, heat pump replacements, heat pump repairs, and heat pump maintenance in the North Vancouver region.

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HVAC Repair

As a licensed mechanical contractor and HVAC repair specialist in the North Vancouver area, Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc. has the equipment and know-how to fix any heating, ventilation or air conditioning need. Our experienced staff is available for emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Installation And Design

Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc. designs, installs, repairs and services all HVAC systems in North Vancouver. Our mechanical contractors have years of experience analyzing the specific climate control requirements of a structure.

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