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Toilet, Sink And Urinal Installation In Vancouver

We rely on our plumbing systems and appliances for so much. The best way to ensure your toilet, sinks, urinal, or other appliances never let you down is to request the installation services of a professional. That is where Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc. comes in.

As the leading plumbers in the region, we won't just install your plumbing fixtures quickly—we will do so with the utmost precision. With the help of certified local plumbers such as us, you can rest easy knowing that your plumbing system and appliances will function as they're supposed to for ages to come.

Would you like to request our services? Call us at (778) 322-8482 for your no-obligation consultation.

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Installing Plumbing Fixtures to Perfection

Homeowners and business owners who value their plumbing fixtures rely on certified plumbing contractors like us. We make sure toilets, urinals, and other fixtures get the first-class installation they need to accommodate you and all your building's inhabitants. What's more, we offer these services for incredible rates.

People put plumbing fixtures to the test every day. Make sure your new sinks and urinals are capable of withstanding the fluctuating day-to-day use by requesting our installation services. When you rely on our services, you save big in the short and long-term. Call us today to learn more.

Toilet Installation

Every appliance has a lifespan, and toilets are no different. They are an essential part of your home or office and, depending on the size of your household or the number of staff you employ, they must deal with dozens of people using them every single day.

Eventually, it comes time to replace your toilet, and whether you already have a new one and just need someone to install it, or need guidance in selecting a new toilet and having it set up, the expert mechanical contractor at Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc. can help.

Fast Turnarounds on Toilet Installs

Bathrooms are a vital space in our everyday lives. For these reasons and more, we pledge to conduct our work swiftly and efficiently. We respect the time of our clients and respect the spaces they've invited us into. With us, you can always count on quick results without ever sacrificing a single shred of our patented quality.

Trust Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc. for Your Toilet Service

When it comes to installing a new toilet, it's something that's best left to professionals. There is a lot of room for error, so seeking out an experienced company is essential.

Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc. has been providing North Vancouver home and business owners with reliable, efficient toilet installation services for years, making us the ideal company to handle the setup of your new toilet.

If you are unsure about which model makes sense for your needs, we would be happy to provide assistance. By getting a sense of what your budget and requirements are, we can recommend anything ranging from a standard model to something more advanced, like one featuring a touchless flush system, or something that is high-efficiency and more environmentally friendly.

Professional and Personable Plumbers

We pride ourselves on our ability to address—and anticipate—all the needs of our clients. Whether your new toilet requires minor pipe rerouting, or you have questions related to our other services, we will gladly be of assistance.

See the difference a little professionalism can make. Work with a company that values its clients. Work with us!

Sink Installation in North Vancouver

Has your sink started acting up? Are there cracks in the porcelain, rust on the metal or other problems that mar the surface? Over time, all sinks develop problems that eventually mean they must be replaced, and when the time comes it's important to have a trusted company on hand to help with the installation.

Sink installation is something that's best left to the professionals at Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc.. Our talented team of mechanical contractors can quickly and securely install your sink, all for an affordable price.

Easy to Schedule Sink Installations

Our goal is to offer services that improve the daily lives of our clients. One way we do so is by offering flexible scheduling options to those who request our services.

We understand that a sink installation might inconvenience the people in your home or business. In the interest of convenience, we'll simply ask you what your preferred times for a service call are. With the information provided by you, we will do our best to schedule ourselves accordingly.

Trust the Sink Installation Professionals at Precision Gas & Mechanical Inc.

Whether your sink is on its last legs, or you're simply looking for a way to make some changes to the look of your kitchen or bathroom, a new sink is a cost-effective change to make to your home or business.

While installation may appear straightforward, there are more than a few things you need to be aware of before beginning. Anything from an incorrectly measured tailpiece to using the wrong kind of sealant can cause major issues either immediately or down the road.

Urinal installation

We can design and install almost any bathroom feature there is. Our mechanical contractors can look at the space and what layout would best suit the budget and needs of your North Vancouver business. Urinals are an important part of any men's bathroom utilizes minimal space for shorter waiting periods when the area is fully occupied.

HVAC Services

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading plumbers in the region. We don't just repair plumbing fixtures—we install them, ensuring you will require fewer repairs as the years go by. Expert installations such as ours save you money and time.

Benefit from savings such as that.

Whether you are looking for sink, toilet or urinal installation we have the professionals that can get the job done efficiently and on budget. To receive a free quote for our services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact by phone or email. Our phone number is (778) 322-8482 and we cannot wait to work with you.

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